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We provided user experience leadership, guidance, and scaling for company. Installed agile for growing team & process, added multiple products, and lead international expansion over 4 years.


Casper began as a one-stop-shop for their popular memory foam mattress — now ranked #1 Mattress Brand in America. Before launch, Thought Merchants was brought on to provide user experience leadership for their mattress’s checkout flow. After it’s initial success, we were brought back on to add more sleep products.

Adding more products meant to design an architecture that would support and provide for it. This involved an alignment between designers, developers, and the executive team around what choices we needed to make, how it impacts user flow, and what upsell considerations to promote during checkout.

Our third tour of duty involved prepping Casper’s development team to scale from 13 to 40 developers. To do this, leaders needed complete visibility into the company on what work was being done and when. We introduced a lightweight version of agile using Trello that’s still used by Casper’s development team today.

When a company hits $10M in revenue, a lot of demand in development resources emerge. This is typically a bottleneck for startups because developers are expensive and hard to hire. To assist growth and improve the process, we reorganized Casper’s development team into multiple small groups. This allowed them to prioritize work coming forward and execute more efficiently.

As apart of our last tour, the above process turned into quarterly planning for the company. The planning process involved capturing organization goals, prioritizing them, and turning them into stories for different dev teams. This approach enables dev teams to actually complete tasks without being blocked by dependences.

In our final tour, we mentored and trained team leaders around agile methodology and helped install it across multiple departments. We taught Valentino Wong, Casper’s Digital Program Manager, on our agile method before wrapping up our time with the brand.

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