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Code Climate

Code Climate provides static code analysis and automated review for engineering teams to ship better software, faster. Before them, there was no insight into how good and bad code actually was. Thought Merchants partnered with solo founder Brian Helmkamp to bootstrap this smart company.

Past automated tools where available to developers were inadequate. These robot-driven tools gave insight in code complexity or duplication, but were not holistic and added more complexity. This made them unpopular for developers — not to mention the stigma of having a robot reach into your code.

Code Climate’s approach was intuitive and straightforward. They hosted automated open source tools and made the experience seamless to slip into your workflow and not be destructive.

Thought Merchants helped Code Climate navigate the stigma around automated code review. People want something familiar. We reimagined how evaluation can be delivered with ease and familiarity instead of clunky statistic reports. The result was a grading system (A-F) that identified harmful code so developers can fix and deliver software faster.

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