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Harry’s mission is to own the men’s bathroom. Using a subscription service, they sell a product that every man absolutely needs — razors. Thought Merchants was initially brought on to help optimize checkout flow, but then became an 8-month leadership and coaching engagement.

After checkout optimization, we realized their process wasn’t in the same place. There was no workflow visibility, no prioritization. Tasks were completed on a per-diem basis — whatever was told to developers last was the highest priority. This type of process would be difficult to scale its business or build high-velocity product delivery.

We worked with Harry’s executive team to quantify the work that needed to be done. We focused on Harry’s Subscription Plan - the auto-refill timer. This feature changed the dynamic for traditional CPG products and allowed Harry’s to get recurring monthly revenue.

To streamline product selection, we developed an index page. This new page puts all Harry’s product front and center so users can easily find them. It also provided a framework for adding new products, offering holiday gift baskets, and other promotional opportunities developers could use going forward.

In the end, we moved into coaching multi-disciplinary teams on the process: how to take the work in progress, work to be done, and work to be planned, and capture it in a visible way. Leadership and teams were now able to prioritize tasks and gain visibility into what was getting done.

We worked with the entire team at Harry’s during our time together. It was collaborative, coaching driving, and helped transform their design and development best practices. By installing an agile process and mentoring team leads, we were able to cement new patterns into place for sustainable, scalable growth.

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