Soybean Lost Dog Poster


January 16, 2020


Steve Berry


Venice, CA

Very Good

First, I hope someone finds Soybean. Setting aside the lost dog, this is a fantastic example of American public domain graphic design. Cute dog photo. A clear call to action. The dog's name is Soybean!

This poster was found in Venice Beach a few blocks off the beach on a telephone pole. I am a big fan of the black fill at the top and bottom of the poster to create easy to read contrast. Underling the "No Questions Asked" and decorating it with arrows made me smile. Those features humanize the design in a personal way and make the intent of the poster clear.

The choice of bold, all caps letters and bright contrast make it very easy to read and eye-catching from a distance. Well done, and an honest wish that Soybean comes home.

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