Everyone comes together to align on the problems we are solving.

A peek into our facilitation expertise.

Onit Application Problem Space Exploration

Onit and Thought Merchants worked together to workshop solutions for improving their application builder experience and productivity. The goal of the exercise was to share an understanding of the difficulties working on the platform today then brainstorm solutions on how we can make meaningful progress towards solving our identified problem space.

The team’s first task was documenting what parts of their workflow are the most difficult during their work day. We took 5 minutes for individuals to document their workflow issues on stick post-it notes.

The group then came up to the whiteboard and presented one-by-one their workflow issues. As each person presented we were grouping the issues into themes. The team dot voted the the issues that they cared the most about.

Proposing solutions to improve workflow issues. The group now has a shared understanding of what affects the team the most. We took 5-minutes to quickly design solutions individually. The goal was to time box the solution creation to force the individual to think more concisely. Each person then presented their solution to the team and we dot voted on the most successful ones.

problem space workshop in Houston Texas

Hornet Q4 Agile Inception

This past June I joined Hornet’s agile inception in Berlin where their remote team met to tie V4 of their gay social dating app together. The team is comprised of professionals from around the world, spanning from California to Argentina to South Africa through Europe. And while a fully remote team allows the company to pull niche talent from wherever they please, alignment and synchronicity can be difficult when you’re overhauling an existing product. This is where inceptions come in handy.

hornet agile workship / inceptionfinished agile planning board

Harry’s Acquisition Marketing Inception

The Harry’s team needed to get clear priority on what is important outside “the last person that tapped me on the shoulder.”

Harry's Agile workshopHarry's agile workshop

Casper Monthly Development Planning

A company wide monthly planning session to prioritize the most important tasks to work and coordinate inside a large, fast organization.

Casper agile workshopCasper Agile workshop monthly planning

Code Climate Bali Retreat

Three times a year, Code Climate gets together for a company retreat. The last company retreat was in San Diego where we on-boarded three new developers to the team. That went so well, we decided to make the next one literally as far away as possible, Bali. Company retreats are a great way to bring our distributed team together for some good face to face time. Building trust and empathy as a team happens much faster when we are all experiencing new things together.

code climate bali retreatcode climate bali retreat