Foundational Brand Naming


Everyone needs a brand name. A brand name is the beginning and end to your larger company story. Let’s make it a good one. This service is positioned for early stage companies looking for a name to take them from 0 to 1.


A memorable brand name with legal clearance and available domain name.


A brand name.



Company Stage

Early or pre-launch

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A brand name is far more than just a label. It's the emotional touchpoint that connects your brand with your audience. The sentiment your brand name evokes plays a pivotal role in establishing your brand identity. You should position your brand in a way that counters the prevalent emotions associated with your market or your competitors. By doing so, your brand stands out as unique, with an identity that's compelling and resonates with your audience.

Naming Guidelines

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Attachment: Caution Needed
While becoming enamored with a specific name or idea is natural, it's crucial to remain open-minded. Trademark issues, cultural nuances, or other research findings may deem your initial choice unfit. Always be ready to explore alternative options.

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Time: The Ultimate Decider
A name might not click instantly but grows on you gradually. A name doesn't possess inherent meaning—it gains significance from the experiences and associations linked with it over time. Opt for a name that acts as a 'blank canvas', ready to be imbued with your brand's unique story.

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Context: Keep it Close
Ensure you evaluate potential names within your brand's offering and market context. Refrain from sharing possible names with colleagues or family too early, as their initial reactions might lack this necessary context.

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Trademark and Domain Challenges
With approximately 56 million active trademarks and over 330 million registered domain names, the chances are that your preferred name is already claimed.


Crafting Your Brand's Story
An effective brand name is a shortcut—a tool that enables swift and efficient decision-making for your audience. It carries information and associations that people instantly comprehend and accept, acting as a compass to guide their choices.

Questions to Propel the Naming Process:

The 'What'
What is it that you're naming? The clarity of understanding is paramount in this process. If you're unable to explain in a sentence, it's a sign that you need to delve deeper into your brand's essence.

The 'Message'
Your name needs to articulate key communication points about your brand. Know these points well and ensure they are conveyed effectively.

The 'Story'
Your brand's story is the backbone of your brand naming process. Innovative brands address complex questions and resolve conflicts during the naming process, using it as a consensus-building and priority-aligning tool.

The 'Preference'
Do you have a type of name that you prefer? It's crucial that your brand name is unique, memorable, and resonates with your target audience.

The 'No-No'
Knowing what types of names your stakeholders or target audience dislike is as essential as knowing what they prefer.

The 'Locale'
Where are you planning to conduct your business? This helps determine the need for trademark checks in relevant countries to ensure your brand's uniqueness within its industry and locale.

The 'Working Name'
If you already have a working name for your brand, sharing it with us would provide valuable insights into your thought process.

The 'Desired Name'
What name do you envision for your brand? The working and desired names could differ, and knowing both is important.

The 'Origin'
Names that have made an impression on you from childhood or travels provide valuable insights into your taste and experiences.

Legal & Vetting Process

We ensure your dream brand name doesn't get caught up in legal pitfalls.

Trademark Search
We'll assist with conducting a United States and/or International trademark search, helping you understand your USPTO business class for any potential conflicts.

Domain Name Search
We'll help you secure a domain name that's easy to remember and suits your brand.

Word Safety Search
We'll check if the brand name carries unwanted meanings in foreign languages, ensuring it doesn't create unintentional misunderstandings.

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