People, places, and things you should visit.

American Giant

Well built straightforward clothing made in the USA.


Email + integration with Webflow. We love it for our newsletter. 

Desmond Bowe

Podcast co-host and gentleman.

Dimitri Roche

A talented developer friend.

Eleven Labs

Quite good text-to-speech service.

Kingston Bread + Bar

An old friend from NYC bakes bomb bread. I designed The Pizza Book for him too! 


One of the best independent design bloggers today.


A Swedish developer creating an internet that is more personal and connected. He’s even built his own search engine!

North Spore

Quality mushroom growing kit.

Screen Studio

Simple, straightforward screen recording tool for presentations.


The best frontend framework period.

Teenage Engineering

Fantastically designed audio equipment. A special place.


The best and most accessible web creation tool on the market. This site runs on it!