Work in Progress

Design is always a work in progress. We post images of what is right in front of us to share with you. Take a peek.

Wonderconf logo.
Frozen peas.
meditating ninja, nice little carpet animation to come.
New navigation idea.
Focus sign for the studio.
Ninja wiping out technical debt - a useful metaphor for software stewardship company, Neomind
abstract ‘N’ cube idea
Solar Eclipse in Venice
Business Goose
Gif of Graham’s stamp.
Playing with Midjourney is too much fun.
Risograph surfing.
rendering a demo
granny equestrian
sunset with G
Grilled out for lunch.
Keystone illustration.
The studio.
Having fun in Venice.
Workshopping a brand story.
Playful shapes for an emerging brand.
Robot lawyer means business.
Infant brass knuckles.
Venice Supply critique.
Neato pen.
Venice Supply posters in Venice.
Prospective 3d printed logo.
Our company now uses lasers!
Thou shall not travel.
Passion Fruit flower in the front garden.
Santa Man