We form teams, streamline processes, and tailor products to solve complex business challenges. You can choose from our range of services or opt for a customized solution.

Evaluate and quantify the potential benefits and challenges of integrating AI technologies within your consultancy, focusing on enhancing user experience design, operational efficiency, and competitive edge.

Emerging yet established companies require a brand identity that not only captures their current essence but also paves the way for future growth. Our Advanced Foundational Identity service is designed to elevate your brand by delving deeper into visual exploration, competitive landscape analysis, and rich storytelling.

First Impression Insight is a meticulous auditing service dedicated to evaluating the first impression your website leaves on visitors. 

Everyone needs a brand name. A brand name is the beginning and end to your larger company story. Let’s make it a good one. This service is positioned for early stage companies looking for a name to take them from 0 to 1.

Early-stage start-ups don't need a perfect brand. Every facet of your business will change. You need a brand that provides a solid visual foundation to learn while scaling.

We provide seasoned leadership in product development without the commitment of a full-time executive hire. 

Creativity meets your unique design needs without the overhead of a full-time hire.

Identify barriers and unlock the potential for a truly inclusive user experience, adhering to the highest accessibility standards.

Gain a strategic advantage with Market Edge Insights. Our service delves deep into your competitive landscape, providing you with the insights you need to outmaneuver the competition and position your brand for success.

Our audit, based on 20 meticulously selected usability heuristics, provides a detailed assessment of your website's user interaction quality, aesthetic appeal, and overall functionality.

We evaluate and identify UX opportunities with your product, service, or experience. We use our 14 years of experience, usability research, and heuristics to guide you on how your experience can perform better.

Enhance your startup's UX with Thought Merchants' monthly therapy sessions, where you'll gain unparalleled insights from our founder to shape and scale your product with confidence.