Inclusive Design Audit (IDA)


Identify barriers and unlock the potential for a truly inclusive user experience, adhering to the highest accessibility standards.


A thorough understanding of their product's accessibility level, detailed insights into areas needing improvement, and a strategic roadmap to achieve and maintain compliance with accessibility standards like WCAG.


Comprehensive accessibility audit, detailed recommendations for improvement, best practices guide for ongoing accessibility compliance, and a customized accessibility implementation plan.



Company Stage

Suitable for any company stage, especially beneficial for mature products seeking to expand their user base and comply with legal accessibility requirements.

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Inclusive Design Audit (IDA) is a comprehensive service aimed at ensuring digital products are accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. This service encompasses a detailed evaluation of the current state of accessibility in digital products and provides actionable recommendations to enhance inclusivity in design and functionality.

  • A meticulous audit of the client’s digital assets.
  • Assessment against WCAG guidelines and other relevant standards.
  • User testing with individuals who have disabilities to gain real-world insights.
  • Collaboration with the client’s design and development teams to ensure seamless implementation of recommendations.

This offering aligns with Thought Merchants' commitment to design excellence and inclusive experiences, leveraging the team's expertise to create accessible, user-friendly digital environments.

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