Foundational Identity


Early-stage start-ups don't need a perfect brand. Every facet of your business will change. You need a brand that provides a solid visual foundation to learn while scaling.


An instantly usable identity that you build your start-up on top of. Your business keeps learning while feeling confident about the foundation of your organization’s identity.


Logo & identity, color palette, typography, social avatars.



Company Stage

Early or pre-launch

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Our mission is to construct a comprehensive visual system that distinctively represents your company, with the logo serving as the cornerstone. Our process primarily involves crafting the logo, which requires the following qualities:

monochromatic drafts, uniqueness, Visibility and Scalability, Versatile and Applicable on All Mediums, memorable, and timeless,

Our process begins with sketching and exploring different shapes and typefaces, primarily utilizing illustrator, a whiteboard, or tracing paper.

Color Palette

During the moodboard and mark exploration, we curate an array of colors, palettes, and options. We delve into a discussion about various possibilities. Although color does not necessarily dictate brand direction, it sets the mood and tone.

Our team identifies a primary color, a secondary accent color, and a tertiary background or ambient color. The primary color direction is quickly established and subtly tweaked as the logo takes shape.


Typography is the bedrock of any brand. A consistent and unique typeface is the most straightforward and effective method to narrate your brand's story. While your logo serves as an identifier present in a limited number of brand interactions, typography permeates all documentation and hence is a potent brand multiplier.

The Grand Unison

The final stage involves amalgamating potential logo designs with their corresponding brand colors and typography to produce tangible deliverables. Your brand thrives in context, whether it be business cards exchanged with acquaintances, websites packed with valuable content, PDF whitepapers, or envelopes bearing your logo. To understand their role, we examine the brand's implementation on diverse media and materials under different contexts.

Week 1 Schedule

Monday - Collaborative Whiteboard Kickoff

90 Minutes

Tuesday - Visual Research Walkthrough

60 minutes

Thursday - Real-time Collaborative Screen Share + Drawing

60 minutes


Week 2 Schedule

Tuesday - Preliminary Logo, Color, and Typeface Presentation

60 minutes

TM Action Items

Friday - Presentation of Brand Guidelines

60 minutes

Client Action Items

TM Action Items

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