Black Rabbit


Black Rabbit Service Company

This van parked a few blocks away from my office with an exciting logo. I am not sure what they do exactly, but their logo attracted attention for sure. A sprinting black rabbit! A very well executed vinyl sign with speckled gold lettering.

The rabbit is hauling ass with fun intentions. The outstretched front arms with the rear legs all tucked in capped off the gold tooth that makes any passerby smile. The slab serif typeface is bold, easy to read, and unique that it doesn't blend in with other more corporate companies.


Feb 8, 2020


Steve Berry

What's going on here?

Design happens everywhere. We look at it and give you our critique.

By thinking critically about the design that exists around us - evaluating what works, what doesn’t and why - we can apply new perspectives and rigor to our work designing applications and systems and communicate more effectively through design.

Our observations range from big corporate rebrands to local business street fliers. With each, we’ve taken the time to break down the designs and offer our point of view via a ranking system modeled after the Robert Parker wine rating system.

The Rating System

Unsatisfactory: Does not achieve design or communication goals.
Satisfactory: Just enough, sufficient, fine or “sure.”
Good: It’s good.
Very Good: Better than most but not exceptional.
Exceptional: Unusually good, rare, outstanding.

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