Domestic Water Sign

Very Good

Domestic Water Sign

Years ago, municipal infrastructure was just a public service for the community. The county didn't need to spend thousands of dollars a month to get insurance to protect themselves from the people they are serving. The signs around these installations reflected the more casual and matter-of-fact way of life.

The warning sign reflects the mental model of the water agency. The H1 Domestic Water, ok so we are dealing with the water supply for the area. No Trespassing the H2. We should to not be around here. Desert Water Agency, this seems official. State Board of Public Health, ok, clearly this is official.

A very good design. The sign fits in lovely inside the desert city vibes that is Palm Springs. The sign is easy to read, communicates clearly, and is official-looking enough to take seriously. Very good.

The closed gate entrance.
The street the sign is next to in Palm Springs.


Apr 26, 2020


Steve Berry

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