Ben from NUGGS

Responding to the CEO of a company admitting their product wasn't any good.


June 25, 2020


Steve Berry

Ben from NUGGS

Ben from NUGGS

Hi Steven,
CEO of NUGGS here. Thanks for being one of our earliest customers. I noticed you ordered an older version of NUGGS (which wasn’t very good). Since then, we have significantly improved the taste and texture – and now most people believe we are indistinguishable from animal-based chicken.

I’d love for you to try our latest version, NUGGS 2.0. Use discount code: UPGRADE for 20% off.

Please send any product feedback you have so we can implement it in the next release.


Steve Berry from Thought Merchants

Yeah, the first version sucks donkey balls. It tastes like pasta but for some reason in nugget form.

I'd love to try again but I'm not paying anywhere close to full price. I'm going to need more than 20% off to try again. I am a UX + brand consultant and love your branding but damn....take some of that money and put it on the product side. Please tell me it wasn't Red Antler.

Overall enjoying what you are trying to do.

Be well,

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