This is fine.

Rapid tech advancements incite fear, offering escapism, yet global challenges pose greater concerns.


June 7, 2023


Steve Berry

This is fine.

Smoke billows across the East Coast due to wildfires raging in Canada. Meanwhile, Apple has unveiled the Vision Pro, a revolutionary VR headset pushing the boundaries of spatial computing. ChatGPT's developments are encroaching upon your professional territory, inducing anxiety. Unprecedented change is sweeping through all aspects of life at an unrivaled pace.

With a reach of your hand, you grab those goggles, immersing yourself in "The Way It Ought to Be", your preferred reality channel.

In comparison to the vast trillions needed to address global challenges, a $3,499 investment for personal tranquility seems a bargain.

It's not the high-tech goggles that instill fear in me, it's our collective inertia that does.

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