Branding the Wonder Conference

A classic Orsen-Welles-inspired brand


Jan 12, 2024


Austin Barto

We recently had the privilege to brand the Wonder Conference, the hallway track conference for thoughtful people. The idea of the conference to invoke wonder and get people in tech to have conversation outside of what's directly in front of them day in and day out. The type of conversations you would have standing in the back of a conference listening to someone you're not necessarily into.

Logo Animation
Orsen Welles

Drawing inspiration from one of our favorite directors/actors, Orsen Welles, we landed on a brand that's quite classical, verbose, and humorous in its approach to dialect. Much of the copy written to sound straight out of one of his classic wine commercial bits.

Building an illustration and design style around this copy hindered some creative and unique results, and most importantly, a strong brand identity surrounding Wonder Conf.

People gathered.
Ring Leader
Balancing Elephant
Cupids holding the button to purchase tickets.
Ticket Design
Orsen Welles as a cursor.

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Austin Barto
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Austin Barto

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