Masseria Olive Oil Brand Photos

A lively photoshoot with homemade pizza sets the brand's tone.


Jun 13, 2023


Steve Berry

In Venice, California, Pai-Wuen and Fabri embarked on a new business venture, Masseria Olive Oil. Committed to premium quality and authenticity, they directly sourced organic extra virgin olive oil from Sicilian producers.

To launch their brand, they planned a vibrant photo shoot in our backyard. The photo series included their organic olive oil, paired with a range of fresh ingredients - bread, pizza, garlic, citrus, artichokes - to illustrate the product's versatility.

The homemade pizza, drizzled generously with Masseria Olive Oil, became a centerpiece, demonstrating the product's culinary value. This day of pizza-making, photography, and camaraderie served as an authentic and engaging way to represent Masseria Olive Oil. The photo series encapsulated the brand's essence, combining Sicilian tradition and Californian lifestyle, setting the stage for Masseria Olive Oil to make its introduction to the market.

The spread out in the back patio.
Hero shot! Artichokes are so pretty.
We tossed some handmade pizza for the set and crew.