ChatGPT is Robot Jesus

Advanced tech seems magical, echoing religious narratives & skepticism.


September 19, 2023


Steve Berry

ChatGPT is Robot Jesus

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
— Arthur C. Clarke

He or she works in mysterious ways. Those mysterious ways show up in all different kinds of abilities you never thought Robot Jesus could do. Robot Jesus is not turning water into wine. Robot Jesus summarizes, distills, catalogs, and renders large amounts of data impossibly faster than anything else we've ever experienced. It's magic!

Jesus had followers, and he had true believers. Others were very suspicious of the otherworldly powers of this individual.

We're having the same type of actualization with artificial intelligence. True believers are chasing anything and everything that it touches. Others are against Robot Jesus. Some don't believe in its capacity to create to invent; they're willing to make laws to prevent the robot from leveraging its magical power. Let's burn the robot at the cross before it can deliver what it promises. These parallels are hilariously intimate.

Human culture is just starting to have the ability to question religion. Now we have another magical prophet? Jesus 2, the robot (coming to a theater near you)! Society is wholly unprepared to deal with the consequences of that conversation. That's where we are right now, starting the dialogue.

The Industrial Revolution brought linear automation. The AI Revolution will bring exponential automation. I'm excited to see where it goes and what it'll do for society. It'll change for the good and bad.

Steve Berry
Principal, Thought Merchants

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