Did we move to London?

Venice has had 5 months of gloom, making it feel less sunny paradise, more moody teen.


June 20, 2023


Steve Berry

Did we move to London?
Rainy in Venice

Hey Venice, remember the sun? That big, bright thing in the sky that used to make our days warm and our Instagram photos pop? Yeah, me neither. It's been fifty shades of grey over the past five months over here. Not the sexy kind, just the kind that makes you think you've accidentally woken up in London.

In November, we were all like, "Cool, a break from the heat. I can wear my hipster sweater." The sky's stuck on repeat, playing the same gloomy track daily. Venice now feels less like a beach paradise and more like a forever-moody teen refusing to leave their room.

Let's get real. Venice is only Venice with the sun. It's like a burrito without guacamole. Still good, but something's missing.

Our boardwalk's looking less Technicolor these days. Even the surfers seem to be riding waves of melancholy. It's like our town's running on low battery. But you know what? We're Venice. We didn't earn our rep for being a sunny hub of creativity by letting a little bad weather get us down. So what if the sky forgot how to California? We'll keep lighting up this town with our creativity, spirit, and ridiculously bright Hawaiian shirts.

However, I'm laying down a challenge to the sun. If it doesn't shake off its sulk and come out to play by July, I'm considering trading my surfboard for a snowboard and heading north. I'm thinking of Canada. It can't be any colder than Venice right now, right? So, Mr. Sun, get your act together, or I'll say "eh" instead of "dude."

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