Midjourney is the Batmobile.

Midjourney is absurd, exhilarating, and filled with unexpected turns. Destination unknown, adventure certain.


July 11, 2023


Steve Berry

Midjourney is the Batmobile.

You're in a sleek, jet-black vehicle, barreling down a winding road at breakneck speed, with no map, no GPS, and the only thing guiding you is a sense of daring and the vague hope that you're heading somewhere good. This is not just any vehicle—it's the Batmobile. The Batmobile from the days of Adam West's Batman. It's bizarre, it's cliche, and it's just a little bit goofy. But make no mistake, it's also undeniably exhilarating.

Welcome to the Midjourney. You're essentially hopping into the Batmobile. It might seem ridiculous. It's bright, it's flashy, and it's confusing. You're not entirely sure where you're going, but one thing's for sure—you're going somewhere.

It's chaotic and absurd, filled with twists and turns you could never have predicted. But that's precisely what makes it so exciting. Like the Batmobile, it promises an adventure.

It doesn't always make you look cool. There's an element of silliness that comes with the territory. Your prompts might come from all directions, and you might feel like you're constantly spinning in circles. But remember: it's all part of the process. Something IS happening, regardless of the expected outcome.

As you zip along in your metaphorical Batmobile, you might arrive at a destination you didn't even know existed. But that's the beauty of the Midjourney.

Despite all the goofiness and chaos, people are still watching. They're captivated by the journey. Like the old Batman series viewers, they're eager to see where this wild ride will take them next.

Midjourney is crazy. I'm excited to see where it goes.

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