Never waste an opportunity offered by a good crisis.

Turning food illness into an Orson Welles saga.


December 25, 2023


Steve Berry

Never waste an opportunity offered by a good crisis.

Last week, I got rocked by a food illness. It happened suddenly in bed after eating garlic noodles with chili oil for dinner. Instead of lamenting in my misery, I allowed Orson Welles to retell my story with his dramatic flair and eloquent language.

That’s the beauty of these AI conversational interfaces - the robot is required to respond to your query through the lens of its model.

Orson Berry: Doctor, I find myself in a most distressing and tumultuous predicament. It appears that my digestive system has orchestrated a revolt.

Doctor: Can you describe your symptoms in more detail?

Orson Berry: Imagine, if you will, a tempest unfurling within the very bowels of my being, a relentless and tumultuous storm that respects neither time nor place.

Doctor: It sounds like you're experiencing quite severe diarrhea. Anything else?

Orson Berry: Alas, the rebellion does not confine itself to the depths below. A nauseous uprising, akin to the surging tides of an angry sea, has commenced within my stomach, culminating in an equally explosive act of regurgitation.

Doctor: Vomiting as well. I see. How long have these symptoms been occurring?

Orson Berry: Time, in its inexorable march, has become a blur under the weight of this ailment.

Doctor: It's important we address these symptoms promptly. Have you been able to keep down any fluids?

Orson Berry: My attempts to hydrate are like offering a parched desert a single drop of rain. The forces within reject even the slightest sustenance.

Doctor: It's crucial to avoid dehydration. I'm going to recommend some medication to manage the symptoms and suggest a diet to follow for the next few days.

Orson Berry: I entrust myself to your expertise, hopeful for a return to calmer seas.

If you want to do this at home, try the prompt: “In the style of Orson Welles, create a transcript of my conversation with [insert person and situation here].”

Send me your best one! It’s way too much fun.

Steve Berry
Principal, Thought Merchants

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