Simplicity in Design

The world's complicated enough. Design shouldn't be.


July 27, 2023


Steve Berry

Simplicity in Design

It's crazy out there. Life is complex. Technology, made by human hands, is often an intricate, convoluted mess. We're navigating through a sea of information, an ocean of interactions, a universe of systems. This stuff is hard.

Design, too often, contributes to this complexity. It becomes a catch-all term for solving intricate business problems. Every design firm, and every consultant, seems to do something different, often resulting in complex solutions that serve to confuse rather than clarify.

Agencies, management consultants, UX consultants, freelancers - they all have their roles, but they often miss the point. They create things that look flashy but feel impersonal. They shoehorn systems onto companies that don't need them. They churn out deliverables without integrating into the team, understanding the dynamics, and taking the time to really comprehend the problem.

Thought Merchants believes design should be simple. We believe in an intimate relationship with our clients, one where we work as peers and collaborators. We believe in a hands-on, agile approach that cuts through the noise and focuses on what's important: simplicity.

Simplicity in design is about understanding the core of the problem and finding the most straightforward, effective solution. It's about empathy, trust, and transparency. It's about listening, building intimacy, championing the team, and being invested.

People are at the core of technology and design; we should never forget that. Coaching, training, teamwork, advocacy, efficient processes, shipping, and a healthy work environment are all integral parts of design. It means we're there to build a team and create a process that builds the product - not a faceless organization looking to change the company, but a face that will change your company.

This is our commitment to simplicity in design. We're not just here to make things - we're here to make things simple. And we absolutely love it​.

Be well,

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