Solving Problems at Human Scale

Promoting inclusivity and empathy, counterbalancing impersonal global solutions, and enriching our collective human experience.


March 18, 2024


Steve Berry

Solving Problems at Human Scale

In my journey of assisting companies to scale from modest beginnings to significant sizes, I've developed a particular affinity for addressing issues at a human scale. This focus stems from professional expertise and a deep-seated belief in the importance of maintaining a human-centric approach amidst rapid growth. The challenges of the modern economy often arise when ventures surpass this human scale, primarily driven by immense financial incentives.

However, my experiences have shown that it's entirely feasible—and indeed, rewarding—to tackle these challenges in a manner that's both humanistic and profitable. This approach doesn't just benefit the bottom line; it enriches our collective human experience.

The advent of accessible technology, such as desktop printers, laser cutters, software tooling, and the vast reservoir of online knowledge, has democratized expertise that was once the preserve of large-scale operations. This shift can empower individuals in their personal workshops, encouraging broader participation in problem-solving at a human scale.

My aspiration is that this movement towards more localized, human-scale innovation will serve as a counterbalance to the impersonal and often overwhelming nature of global-scale solutions.

Steve Berry
Principal, Thought Merchants

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