Sports Driving VR Adoption

A unique experience for passionate fans will justify the investment.


February 20, 2024


Steve Berry

Sports Driving VR Adoption

As discussions about Vision Pro's affordability and mainstream adoption continue, we ask the wrong questions. It's not when VR technology will become cheaper and more accessible but what unique experiences justify the investment. I remember being made fun of for buying a $1000 iPhone when it first came out. Now, everyone has one rattling around in their pocket.

Sports, for instance, present a compelling case. Apple's Friday night baseball package on Apple TV provides an opportunity. Imagine viewing the game from the umpire's position or enjoying courtside seats virtually, opening up these exclusive experiences to hundreds of thousands at a fraction of the cost.

This shift towards immersive experiences, particularly in sports, has the potential to change value proposition. It's not just about making technology more affordable but about offering value that transcends cost. Sports among males, especially in suburban America, are ripe for this new immersive experience.

This trend also touches on broader themes of scarcity in our world, where experiences like visiting Venice, Italy, are becoming regulated due to overcrowding. VR could offer alternative realities, blurring the lines between virtual visits and physical travel and reshaping our perception of experience and accessibility.

Imagine meeting a friend at a party where you both "just came back from Venice, Italy." One flew on a plane, and the other took their headset off.

Steve Berry
Principal, Thought Merchants

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