The UX of Crypto Sucks

What the title says.


May 27, 2024


Steve Berry

The UX of Crypto Sucks

Cryptocurrency is a marvel of modern technology with the potential to revolutionize our financial systems. Yet, despite its promise, crypto adoption isn't skyrocketing as anticipated. The culprit? Total shit user experience.

Navigating the crypto world feels like deciphering an ancient code. Consider the daunting task of securing your assets: acquiring a hardware wallet, memorizing a lengthy passphrase—your digital "Open Sesame"—and then the Herculean effort to keep it hidden yet accessible. Lose your hardware wallet? Hope you remember that magical passphrase to resurrect your digital treasury.

The complexities don't end there. Make a single error in a transaction, and your assets vanish into the ether with no undo button. The world of staking and swapping is a labyrinth designed for the techno-savvy, far removed from the simplicity of traditional online banking. Yes I can't believe I'm saying that because bank software is awful.

We're in the early adopter phase, yet strides toward making crypto more user-friendly seem sluggish. The challenge is monumental. With its veil of pseudo-anonymity, blockchain architecture appears to conspire against intuitive design, boxing us into a corner of cumbersome user interfaces and perplexing procedures.

As I venture into a new blockchain consulting role, these glaring UX issues are impossible to ignore. They're not just minor inconveniences but significant barriers to adoption, repelling potential users at the doorstep. We must unravel the complexity.

Steve Berry
Principal, Thought Merchants

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