There is no gravity online.

In the digital realm, limitless potential drives unparalleled growth. Embrace or be left behind.


October 18, 2023


Steve Berry

There is no gravity online.

Every creation ā€” from towering skyscrapers to the devices in our hands ā€” faces constraints in our physical world. Gravity binds, resources are limited, and innovation often meets tangible ceilings. But digitally? The game changes entirely.

Gravity isn't just about objects falling; it's a strong limitation. We have finite materials, energy, and space. Businesses and creators are constantly navigating these constraints, seeking ways to maximize value within the bounds of reality.

The digital space isn't constrained by matter or energy. Ideas can proliferate endlessly, and businesses can scale without worrying about physical shortages. Value isn't about quantity but the innovation and quality of digital experiences.

For businesses, this means unparalleled opportunities. A website can reach billions, a digital tool can be infinitely replicated, and user experiences can be crafted without concern for physical limitations.

In this limitless expanse, the challenge isn't about managing scarcity but directing abundance. As we venture further into the digital age, embracing this unbounded potential is not just an opportunity; it's a necessity.

Money prefers unbounded to bounded value. Iā€™m not optimistic about the physical realm.

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Steve Berry
Principal, Thought Merchants

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