Unidentified Phenomena and Political Disruptions

Data shows a weak but significant correlation between public interest in UFOs and indictments. Stay discerning amidst information overload.


August 2, 2023


Steve Berry

Unidentified Phenomena and Political Disruptions

The recent indictment of the 45th President of the United States occurred nearly simultaneously with the first-ever Congressional hearing on UFOs. These two developments seem coincidental. Yet, it's challenging to overlook the effect of this dual spectacle - the spotlight splits, public attention diverts, and media focus dilutes.

I analyzed Google Trends data to measure public interest in these two topics over time. The results revealed a statistically significant correlation between the search interest in "UFOs" and "Indictments." In other words, when the search interest for 'UFOs' increased, the search interest for 'Indictments' tended to increase slightly, and vice versa. However, the correlation was relatively weak, and we should remember that correlation does not imply causation.

The data showed that both topics have fluctuating interest, with no clear trends or seasonal patterns. This suggests that the search interest in both "UFOs" and "Indictments" is likely influenced by the complex interplay of current events and media coverage.

Is this a case of happenstance, or is it a strategically planned diversion? The answer might seem conspiratorial. Yet, the data suggests the situation has more complexity than a simple cause-and-effect relationship.

Let's consider the underlying principle - managing and directing public attention. Human attention is a commodity in the modern world. In an era where information is omnipresent and ceaselessly competing for our engagement, it's an essential skill to maintain conscious control over where and how we deploy our attention.

It's paramount to recognize that if you don't guide your attention, someone else will do it for you. We must be discerning information consumers and prioritize our focus on what matters. We must be cognizant of the potential distractions that could divert our gaze from the events that shape our society's future.

It's our responsibility to question, scrutinize, and ultimately decide where we direct our gaze. In the information age, it's about staying informed and understanding the dynamics that drive our attention.

The internet is wild!

Steve Berry
Principal, Thought Merchants

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