Preserving Discovery

Centralized computing poses a risk to serendipitous discovery.


March 25, 2024


Steve Berry

Preserving Discovery

The rise of big technology and AI-driven algorithms shapes our paths uniformly, driven by their attention-guiding mechanisms. My concern lies in the erosion of active discovery and the joy of serendipitous finds. As AI takes over the task of searching and wayfinding, we risk losing the diversity of human curiosity and the unique journeys it leads us on.

Consider the nuanced differences in how individuals might explore a forest for a specific plant or delve into the art of crafting the perfect afternoon tea. These personal quests, unmediated by technology, often lead to diverse outcomes and innovative ideas. However, the homogenization of information discovery, catering to popular demand by centralized algorithms, threatens to dull these individual explorations.

We stand to lose the celebration of the unconventional, the 'weird' that enriches our world. With its labyrinthine paths, the early internet demanded exploration and rewarded the curious with unexpected discoveries. This era of exploration is at risk as we lean more on sophisticated, centralized technologies that streamline our journeys, potentially diminishing the richness of our experiences and the diversity of our discoveries.

It's crucial to recognize the value in the unpredictable and the uncharted, lest we lose a fundamental aspect of our human experience—the thrill of discovery.

Steve Berry
Principal, Thought Merchants

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