Augmented Storytelling for Flamingo Razors

Creating unique ways to tell the Flamingo story using animation and illustration.


May 13, 2022


Austin Barto

We created a flamingo character to help story-tell the amazing elements of Flamingo Razors! Adding animation, we were able to bring the Flamingo ideas to life creating an engaging, unique way to interact with the brand.

Flamingo relaxing in the water, smooth as can be.

Some of these illustrations we're made to reinforce the character or brand (above), where others were more directly related to traits about the razor itself:

Flamingo bending down for a "Close Shave".
Flamingo drinking water using their "Flexible Hinge"
Flamingo protecting all sides for "360º Comfort".
Holding the razor‘s ergonomic handle for "No-Slip Grip"
Flamingo jumping into the Foaming Shave Gel
Knee tuck animation for the gel cannonball!
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