Branding behind the scenes: Complement

Creating a brand that rethinks computation.


May 8, 2023


Steve Berry

Come along a visual journey with us as we flip through the Complement branding project. We'll post a behind the scenes for naming shortly.

Early concepts.
Early concepts.
Our first 3 themes: human, span, complement.
Building out preliminary visuals to evaluate direction with the client.
Russian constructivism illustration spike.
Playing with that old, powerful, soviet imagery. Too much.
A fun poster we made that brought our idea to earth.
Famous quote from a famous science fiction writer.
Building a very square, regular grid.
Adding vaporwave aesthetic.
Crafting movement lines for different brand pillars.
Creating artifacts in Midjourney to inspire.
Hero composition.
Spirograph / guilloche
Created a metal robot in Midjourney and tossed it in the mix.
The better idea, prompt Midjourney with our illustrations! 
The homepage design. Lovely.
Steve Berry


Steve Berry

Austin Barto

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