Calm Ninja Pixel Art for Neomind

Tying nostalgia of retro video games to a modern, calm approach to technology.


Nov 3, 2023


Austin Barto

Meditating on magic carpet

We recently had the privilege of collaborating with Neomind, a dedicated Rails maintenance consultancy offering support for Rails applications. Our joint effort resulted in a unique pixel art creation that beautifully encapsulates the essence of Neomind's services – a 'Calm Ninja.'

Strong roots
Consistency and flexibility

The pixel art draws inspiration from the stealth and expertise that Neomind brings to the world of tech support. Like a ninja's quiet, precise movements, Neomind operates behind the scenes to provide discreet yet powerful assistance. The art piece captures the idea of efficiency and grace, aligning seamlessly with Neomind's ethos.

Security at the forefront.
Comprehensive Analysis
Diverse Expertise
Performance Optimization

The 'Calm Ninja' retro art stands as a symbol of the seamless harmony between artistry and technology. It beautifully encapsulates Neomind's core values and mission, highlighting the importance of discreet and expert technical support in the Ruby on Rails world.

Supporting Iconography

Steve Berry
Austin Barto


Austin Barto

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