Celebrating Strength and Unity: Women's Paddle Out

We were excited to join the Venice Surfing Association for their International Women's Day Paddle out!


Mar 18, 2024


Brit Reed

On International Women's Day, Venice Beach, California, witnessed a remarkable event: a women's paddle out organized by the Venice Surf Association in collaboration with local surfers and enthusiasts. This gathering wasn't just about hitting the waves; it was a celebration of female strength, unity, and the diverse spirit of the California surfing community.

As women gathered on the beach, their surfboards scattered about, there was a moment of quiet reflection. It was a chance to acknowledge the challenges women have faced and continue to face, while also celebrating their resilience, sisterhood, and the endless possibilities when women support one another.

With surfboards in hand, the group entered the water, each paddle stroke echoing their determination to break barriers in a traditionally male-dominated sport. This wasn't just about riding waves; it was about asserting their presence and proving that women belong in the lineup as much as anyone else.

What stood out most was the diversity among the participants. From experienced surfers to first-timers, from young girls to seasoned women, the lineup showcased a range of ages, races, backgrounds, and skill levels. It was a powerful reminder that strength comes in many forms and that unity is strengthened by embracing diversity.

As the women braved the cold ocean, cheers erupted each time someone caught a wave. It was a collective declaration of triumph and a promise to continue making waves, both in the water and beyond.

In the end, the women's paddle out wasn't just about surfing; it was about fostering connections, inspiring change, and honoring the strength and spirit of women everywhere. As their laughter and cheers filled the air and mingled with the sound of crashing waves, it was evident that this moment would have a lasting impact, resonating among the women who participated for months to come.

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Steve Berry


Brit Reed

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