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Using a friendly illustration style to bring life and cohesiveness into a visual identity.


Mar 2, 2022


Austin Barto

Illustration of a woman eating breakfast

We're currently helping Code Climate build out a new dashboard concept. The idea was users decide on how their dashboard looks and functions by choosing from pre-made widgets that measure activity differently. The widgets would undoubtedly perform well, as they were just redesigned aspects of the current application. The problem was that users wouldn't know which widgets to choose for their dashboard particular to them. Giving the user choice could be more confusing than helpful with a wide array of metrics and measurements. Developers could be missing key metrics to help their code.

To combat this freedom of choice, we created the idea of a widget store. Here, widgets would be grouped for different use-cases depending on how they were intended on being used.

Code Climate Widget Dashboard
Widget Dashboard

Coaching one of your developers? Take a look at these widgets that help you in coaching. Leading a weekly stand-up? These widgets are perfect for analyzing your team's performance all at once. Grouping the apps into specific categories allowed us to guide the user into making a secure decision, which builds confidence in how they interact with the software as a whole.

The widget store created an empty canvas to design an engaging experience while browsing. Each category would have a unique graphic/illustration that communicated what you might find when delving deeper into said category. A perfect place to give the brand life without disrupting the functionality of the rest of the app.

Illustrations in cards
Illustrations with context
Illustration of woman riding bike
Stay on Track
2 people having coffee
End of Week Retro
woman taking care of child
Coaching Someone
woman digging a hole
Technical Debt
woman having breakfast
Monday Morning Standup
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