Inspiration from Haikus

Using poems to drive a user experience.


Jan 12, 2024


Austin Barto

Haikus, a classic Japanese poetry form, speaks volumes in just a few lines. Using only 17 syllables, they still find a way to capture nature's beauty and the human experience, which is why I’m so fascinated with them.

To start, they’re easy to create and inclusive to nearly everyone. Every phonic sound has syllables, so there are no barriers to the language spoken, and as long as you know a few words, you can create one.

Dress your opinions,
tailor every single thought,
truth is in style

Sometime last year, amidst a run-in with depression, I wrote haikus as a way to release some stress. I wrote pages of them, shedding into everything that was causing me stress in this unique confinement of syllables. Though some were silly and surface-level, it was amazing how many of these poems were deeply profound.

In the initial stages of Venice Supply's brand design, I returned to these haikus as a source of inspiration and a way to ignite wonder in the brand messaging. This worked well because of their sheer versatility and inquisitively fun nature.

In fact, it carried all the way to the website design! Where we created a way for users to create their own haiku - a fun design challenge that pays homage to this alluring art form.

Austin Barto


Austin Barto

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