Masseria Meets Mount Etna


Mar 27, 2024


Brit Reed

We are so excited to have been a part of Masseria’s visuals for the second year. We’ve used Masseria every day since we shot their last campaign, so on this second year, we wanted to talk a bit more about their process and the rich history behind Italy’s olive oil culture.

Masseria unveils its latest harvest of olive oil—a testament to Italy's rich agricultural heritage and the enduring influence of its volcanic landscapes. With a label adorned in colors reminiscent of volcanic eruptions, this year's olive oil promises not only a sensory journey but also a deeper connection to the land and its history.

For millennia, olive oil has been integral to Italian culture, cuisine, and commerce. From the ancient groves of Magna Graecia to the rolling hills of Tuscany and beyond, olive trees have flourished in Italy's diverse microclimates, yielding oils prized for their purity and complexity. As a cornerstone of Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil has nourished generations and inspired a reverence for the land and its bounty.

This year's harvest of olive oil by Masseria is imbued with the essence of Italy's volcanic heritage, a legacy shaped by the fiery temperament of Mount Etna, Stromboli, Vesuvius, and Vulcano. The eruption of Mount Etna in November 2023, Europe's most active volcano, serves as a poignant reminder of the symbiotic relationship between volcanic activity and the fertile soils that nurture Italy's olive trees. As volcanic ash settled on the land, it enriched the soil with minerals, imparting a distinct terroir to the olives and influencing the flavor profile of the resulting oil.

Like wine enthusiasts discern terroir in a glass of fine wine, aficionados of olive oil can discern nuances of flavor and aroma shaped by the land from which it originates. The volcanic soils of Italy, characterized by their mineral-rich composition, impart a unique character to olive oil, ranging from delicate floral notes to robust peppery undertones. A volcanic eruption can further enhance this complexity, as the ash and gases released during an eruption interact with the olive trees, influencing the composition of the olives and, ultimately, the flavor profile of the oil. This year’s batch exudes a subtle smokiness and a hint of minerality—a reflection of Etna's volcanic terroir.

As we savor the new year of olive oil by Masseria, let us not only appreciate its exquisite flavors but also celebrate the rich tapestry of Italy's volcanic heritage. In each drop, we taste the essence of Mount Etna's fury, Stromboli's eternal glow, Vesuvius's dormant power, and Vulcano's rugged beauty—a reminder of the enduring bond between the land and its people. Cheers to a new year of olive oil, where Italy's fiery essence shines bright in every drop.