Prospective Agent Indicator

Animated Icon idea to indicate the status of a connected server.


Aug 21, 2023


Austin Barto

The folks at Prospective created a web app server you can host locally called the Prospective Agent. Once running, this plugin unlocks 'superpowers' for the actual UI of Prospective running in your browser. Only can talk to this server, creating a secure connection from the tool and your local storage, but it also unlocks extra data file types like Postgres and Amazon's s3. To indicate the server's status running in your computer's Menubar, I had the idea to bring the cube motif into the mix. A fully extruded cube glowing green meant the server was connected, halfway extruded signified a disruption in the connection, and a flat square simply meant you had no connection.

3 states of connectivity
Add animation to act as glue for an idea!
Texture made from the connected status storyboard

Austin Barto


Austin Barto

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