The Loyalist Iconography

A set of icons that illustrate the different nuances of The Loyalist's merchandising platform.


Feb 24, 2022


Austin Barto

Icon family for The Loyalist

Bringing life to a platform's brand requires starting small and gradually adding character as you progress through the brand's different aspects. Suppose an entire realized brand is a massive wave-crashing ocean. In that case, iconography is just dipping your toes in to check the temperature - A secure way to get started and gives you an idea of the complete picture without getting lost at sea.

The Loyalist is a massive platform for creators and influencers to scale their merchandising; creating unique iconography was the surefire place to start building a brand around their company. Adding a long-armed character into the iconography helped breathe a small amount of life into the design.

Icon family for The Loyalist on the splash page
Icon family for The Loyalist
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