The New Paradigm Shaking the Foundation of Industries

Hyper-automation is shaking industries by reducing workforce demand and creating conflicts over AI and image rights in Hollywood.


Jul 24, 2023


Steve Berry

It's undeniable. Fear is rampant as we stand on the precipice of the AI revolution. Colossal. Unprecedented. Transformative.

When the world first embraced software programming, it brought about the automation of tasks on an unparalleled scale. In what could be viewed as an industrial metamorphosis, we saw functions that once required thousands of people reduced to mere teams of tens. The world adjusted and progressed, largely without a fuss, because the transformation was linear.

AI doesn't adhere to a linear trajectory. Instead, it ushers in a period of what can be termed as 'hyper-automation.' Imagine the monotonous toil that consumed hundreds of workers now manageable by a single individual. This prospect is simultaneously chilling and exhilarating.

An intriguing conflict is found in the heart of Hollywood; the writers and actors are striking, in part, due to AI and the rights to their image in perpetuity. They fight to prevent their personas from being copied and artificially projected indefinitely. An immortalized Tom Cruise could conceivably churn out action movie after action movie forever under a single contract.

There is a more significant threat to the writers and actors: TikTok creators. A nearly free firehose of content that already has displaced traditional television in time. Why pay Tom Cruise when I can get thousands of random people to climb over each other for attention? That is why the studios will fight the writers and actors for a long time. An actor's image in perpetuity makes the cost of content cheaper over time.

I always root for humans, but this is the first of many fights against robots.