Omura Series X Photos

We had the opportunity to shoot the launch photos for Omura's Series X device. The PR just dropped on Leafly, and I am excited to share some of the best imagery from our shoot.

Small metal devices can be tricky to shoot. They tend to be reflective and will bounce shadows if any material is too close. I think we did an excellent job of capturing the small yet refined spirit of the new vaporizer.

Omura Series X Gold on Cannabis leaves
Omura Series X Announcement Photo
Omura Series X in Neon
Omura Series X vaporwave aesthetic. It was really fun to shoot! I couldn't help myself.
Omura series x black
Omura Series X laying on its side looking sexy.
Omura Series X in Close-up
Close-up of the metal body texture.
Omura marching flower sticks
Marching flower sticks.
Omura Pink Lady
Omura pink lady.

Process Photos

I love sharing behind the scenes. There is quite a lot of set up that goes into shooting isolated product photos.

stick holding up device
A wooden rod holding up the device on black.
manual red omura device
Holding a red LED closer to the device. Mind the thumb.
crazy neon lights process
Moving the neon LEDs around trying to get the proper gradient.
bts photo shoot thought merchants
The product isolation studio set-up.


Oct 9, 2020


Steve Berry

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