Reify 2017: The story behind the source code.

2017 was a big year for Reify founders Mike Bernstein and Brian Doll.

Between on-boarding 20 new clients, developing 15 brands, and helping raise $37M in funding, they did what most startups wish they could do in year one. To close out the year, they wanted to tell their story in a fun and exciting way that clients and prospects can get value from.

Reify works in a growing B2B market where developers sell products to other developers. In this space, Reify helps their clients define personas and tune their storytelling.

More often than not, these same companies have a pricing structure that puts them at a disadvantage. There’s a need for change, but the problem is that no one wants to touch pricing. Changing a successful yet imperfect model is difficult.

Reify comes in, audits the pricing structure, and models different possibilities. To address risk, they show precisely how the change will happen and how current revenue will look in year 1 or 6. Being a company of 2 people, they covered a lot of ground in one year and wanted to celebrate the right way.

So what do you send - a gift? A godforsaken email newsletter? No - it had to be better. Something people will get excited to read. After brainstorming, we came up with “The Story Behind The Source Code,” a landing page which you can find here.

This one-page report did what normal year in review doesn’t, it tells an engaging story. In “The Story Behind The Source Code,” there are no graphs, stock photos, or text blocks that put a reader to sleep. Instead, there are bold colors, Reify's branded waveform, and custom iconography laid out in an easy-to-digest grid form. It’s impactful but straightforward for anyone who visits.

My favorite line: “Thank you for including us in your stories.”

Why? Because people are the most essential part of our environment. They are what makes each story meaningful. Branding as a whole is moving toward a higher order of realization that you can’t just insert money and receive.

Buyers want to know: What do you stand for? What’s your founders' story? What’s the story of working with you?

Thought Merchants was stoked to work with Reify for this project. The Story Behind The Source Code only scratches the surface for Reify.


Sep 6, 2018


Steve Berry

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