Reify Tuneup Landing Page

After the successful branding of Reify, Mike and Brian decided to re-enlist Thought Merchants to help them develop an online pricing tool.

Pricing B2B software as a service application can make or break the company's success, yet few companies seek outside consultation for guidance. This is where Reify comes in. They provide years of diverse experience and achievements. The Tuneup project is trying to offer advice for prospective clients and start the conversation for collaboration together.

Their target audience is any company that has a plans and pricing page. We wanted to mimic that same pattern on the Tuneup tool. The idea being, it is effortless to translate their pricing page onto our tool, so the user can quickly get the pricing insights Reify provides.

Upon filling out their plan information and entering their email address (lead generation), the next page would present the user with a natural breakdown of different populations of users and their revenue. In the end, we would display insights and best practices regarding their pricing structure.

Designing a simple, visually bold, and innovative tool for customers reflects precisely the type of consultation Reify provides. Take Reify's Tuneup for a spin!


Oct 16, 2017


Steve Berry

What's going on here?

Design happens everywhere. We look at it and give you our critique.

By thinking critically about the design that exists around us - evaluating what works, what doesn’t and why - we can apply new perspectives and rigor to our work designing applications and systems and communicate more effectively through design.

Our observations range from big corporate rebrands to local business street fliers. With each, we’ve taken the time to break down the designs and offer our point of view via a ranking system modeled after the Robert Parker wine rating system.

The Rating System

Unsatisfactory: Does not achieve design or communication goals.
Satisfactory: Just enough, sufficient, fine or “sure.”
Good: It’s good.
Very Good: Better than most but not exceptional.
Exceptional: Unusually good, rare, outstanding.

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