Spaceshit Nugget

Northern lights nugget in neon
Northern Lights nugget in neon. OoO floating!
40:1 CBD to THC Strain
40:1 CBD to THC Strain. Looks like a monster!

This year I have been growing a few high CBD strains of cannabis. My harvests have been moderately successful so far. Recently I cut down these two plants for drying and had a brain wave. Let's take the new Boling BL-P1 REB LED color changing lights and make an outrun style floating nugget photo! So fun.

You can see the straightforward set up below. Black felt backdrop, cinefoil around the lights to keep the background black, and a Leica SL2 with the Leica SL 24-90mm lens.

neon nugget shoot behind the scenes
Behind the scenes of the neon shoot.


Aug 28, 2020


Steve Berry

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