The sun shines here every day.

The Sun Shines Here Every Day
The sun shines here every day drawn in chalk on concrete.

During the darkest days of the quarantine, we decided to bring a smile to everyone's face. I was recovering from serious ankle surgery and was still in a cast. The world was figuring out how to approach the new reality that was descending in front of our eyes. I took inspiration from the London artist, Anthony Burrill's piece: "The Shines Here Every Day" poster and laid it out on the ground in chalk at scale.

sun shines here every day grid preparation in the studio
Preparation in the studio - creating the grid!
sun shines here every day drawing in chalk
Shannon doing the color fill in chalk.
sun shines here every day art nearly done
The mural is nearly done! 
sun shines here every day instagram
Anthony Burrill even commented on my post! So fun.


Apr 24, 2020


Steve Berry

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