The Death of Car Dealerships

From 3-hour paperwork hassles at dealerships to a seamless, app-based experience with Tesla - the future of car buying is here!


Jun 13, 2023


Steve Berry

I recently had the absolute pleasure of purchasing a brand-new Tesla. It was unequivocally the best car-buying experience I've had, highlighting a shift that's inevitable in the auto industry.

Just weeks before, I was at the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Calabasas, doing the arduous dance of returning a leased SUV. A task that should've taken mere minutes was drawn out into an exhausting three-hour affair, courtesy of a salesperson grappling with reams of paperwork as if they were an alien language.

While I sat there, a family was embroiled in a heated debate over the lease price of their prospective new car. Their voices rose, posturing and tempers flared. It was a grueling spectacle, one that lingered in the air for the entirety of my three-hour ordeal.

Driving home upset after haggling all afternoon.

The question in my mind, "How can such a deplorable user experience persist?"

Fast forward a few weeks, and I explored the prospect of a Tesla. The entire process was handled via their app, from choosing the vehicle's specifications to securing finance. No haggling. Just one price and a seamless, integrated experience.

As the delivery date approached, the Tesla team maintained contact, providing updates and offering assistance. Was there anything I needed? Did I have any questions? There was no obligation, just courteous, professional support. But the real revelation was yet to come.

The day arrived to pick up the car. I entered the Tesla center, where a friendly young adult checked me in, directed me to my car in Space 20, and explained that I could unlock and drive away using my phone. I could be walked through the process, but there was no need.

So I got in the car, and drove away.

My journey home was filled not with frustration and regret but the thrill of experiencing my new vehicle, underpinned by the satisfaction of a pain-free process.

The stark contrast between these experiences throws a harsh light on traditional car dealerships. The asymmetry is glaring. The friction-filled, archaic process versus the streamlined, empowering experience offered by Tesla. It's a testament to the power of prioritizing the user, leveraging technology, and rethinking industry norms.

It is only a matter of time before the outdated dealership model becomes obsolete. An evolution is underway in the auto industry, and I can't wait to witness the transformation. I'm excited to watch the old paradigms crumble and welcome the new era of car buying. And believe me, it won't involve three hours of arguing over lease prices in stuffy dealership offices.